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Morning Glory (2010) | Review by Hannah Brooks-Motl

We saw so much of ourselves in Morning Glory, especially the scene where Rachel McAdams runs across Midtown in slow motion, high heels, and a pretty dress, ditching her interview with The Today Show because Harrison Ford is making her a frittata live on the set of Daybreak, a competing morning show she’s rescued from imminent cancellation. This is very much like the time we ran all the way to the State Street Market for beer because Mark finally made us a burrito for all the dinners we were owed. Rachel McAdams has a lot of romance in this movie, just none of it very much with the hunk Patrick Wilson. Alas, we saw some of ourselves in this fact as well. McAdams’s relationship with her work, with Jeff Goldblum (her bottom-line-driven network boss), with Harrison Ford (the cranky Dan Rather-esque anchor she hires to save the struggling Daybreak), with her co-producer at Daybreak (some character actor with an amazingly butt-like forehead), and above all with herself (she pulls out every adorable tic, neurotic hand gesture, and goofy facial aside here) are the real Roms in this Com.

Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford have some good and often very funny rapport as metaphors for that Death of Journalism As We Know It And Rise of Infotainment argument everyone seems to be having with such seriousness as of late; but the facts are the movie’s at its funniest when they strap the weather guy to a roller coaster in a ratings bid and you get to watch his face go all jiggly and shit. Well, also there’s a part when Harrison Ford says “I woke her with my African rain stick” that is pretty hilarious. Diane Keaton is also in this movie, as Ford’s ditzy co-anchor at Daybreak. Unfortunately, she’s not given all that much to do except watch Rachel McAdams update characters she played with more aplomb and better trousers thirty years back. That said, we enjoyed Morning Glory tremendously. You should especially go see it if you miss Jeff Goldblum in bit parts that emphasize his magnificent tallness.

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