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The Adjustment Bureau (2011) | Review by Mark Leidner

hannah.. txting u review from bus stop where two undergrads r talkin bout where theyre goin for spring break.. florida.. ten decibels louder than is necessary.. clear ly more interested in performing for strangers their perceived roles as ebullint partygirls than communicating w each other.. thumb incredibly numb from cold.. all wrapped up in scarf face.. adjustment bureau veers wildy btween almost interesting to ridiculou ly stupid.. obligatory strobelit danceclub conversation scene serves no purpose.. that little floor raising finger flick u see in previews done by mad men guy.. used up entire special effects budget.. matt damon good actor trapped in plot writer no skill to d liver..  minor chars shout down featureless corridors where are we?! inadvertently echo audience n director etc.. leidners law.. the worse the movie the better a metaphor its dialog is for that movies writing process.. bus just got here.. now in seat under florsescrnt light.. bus half full.. students n poor ppl.. bundled up.. curving through walmart parking lot.. organic co op bag girl just got on.. thumb warmed [Exceeded maximum characters] meant to say thumb warmed back up.. adjustment B fun at first.. damon gives cool straight tlak speech after losing election that eventual ly propels second canidacy but falls in love n these business suit angels try to break him up w lady.. emily blunt.. bc fated to b prez one day according to destiny chairman matrix god thingy.. but dream cant happen if damon in love.. no motivation if happy.. can relate ie absence of intimacy drives inner performer to great risk beauty etc.. crowd commanding.. ok if unconcious.. but only fool wld knowing ly sacrifice intimacy to gain applause.. gotta trust your heart.. damon knows.. tho ncie to see studio take on god ish angel typd shit.. possibilities unlimitd.. but unearned slash boring unexplo. sive endingn proves thing u worry whole way through.. story cant cash check cool premise wri

[Exceeded maximum characters]  cool premise writes.. just got off bus at cross walk waitinf for little white man to blink.. hope power is on in apt.. bc wasnt this morning when I left.. basement flooded from rains.. gas n elec turn d off for safety until dickless landlord cld pump out water.. mo fucker need to adjust rent of this borough if shit keeps up.. neway adjustment bureau like somebody got really high stoned n thought of cool idea for movie n forgot to get sober before writing script.. like drink some coffee shit at least.. whoever you are.. cool metaphorical poss though for angel dudes as writers how theres this plan were always tryin to for ce our writing to fit.. btu the chars or images or lines ur sounds.. little damons.. dont want our vision want their own.. oh one last thing.. adjust ment B a love letter to NYC.. lots of bklyn n manhattan crap.. magic doors plot device.. ie open one it takes to you statue of liberty.. takes you to yankee stadium.. other big appl cliches.. love letter from an ugly person if that makes sense.. maybe all bad art is.. ugly on inside I mean.. most made by ppl too beautiful on outside to ever need [Exceeded maximum characters] ever need to developt inner resources.. or too rich.. why need imagination if u have bank.. okay walking inside.. power doesnt look on.. nope. no internet..  got hot water.. okay gonna take warm bath in dark.. relax my eyes… touch chi.. save laptop for morning.. txting this to you to post.. go see adjustmstnt brurea if the idea of drinkin a soda called diet inception appeals to you.. i guess there is a good kiss at the end.. i mane blunt n damon make love convincing.. the cellphone im txting this on is my only light


2 responses

  1. KKB

    I just found you and I love you, but this one’s too hard to read.

    More poetry, fewer thumbs. Please.

    Thank you. For being really cool.

    Can’t wait for next time!

    March 9, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    • mark leidner

      thanks kkb… you’re sweet. will strive for supreme clarity in all future reviews

      March 17, 2011 at 1:39 am

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